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Filming video about integration of mental health and addiction.

It was a good day to contribute to the improvement of mental health and addictions in Canada. I was honoured to be in Ottawa today at the Canadian Centre Substance Abuse to shoot a 'best advice' video about a specific approach to effective integration of mental health and addictions in Canada. It is based on social psychology evidence in inter-group relations...the original source of what we know about effective integration of separate groups...instead of traditional administrative practices. We used this approach in the south shore of Nova Scotia, and it was selected for publication in the national document "Collaboration for Addiction and Mental Health Care: Best Advice" (page 19-20). Then this rare approach was further selected to be showcased in a video, which we filmed today in Ottawa. Lots of interest these days in our systems starting to take a new look at how to do things. That's good because the way we have done things for decades is just history. It will not lead to change in the client experience, no matter how many times we do it or how much we try to improve it. You can't sew a hole in your pants with a screwdriver, no matter how much you improve the screwdriver or practice using it. It is still the wrong tool for the job. We must change our fundamental paradigm. We must change our tools. Today was a chance to share one of those transformational approaches.

More to come.

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