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Thank you for the book launch!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who were able to attend last night's official launch of my book, "It's Not About Us; The Secret to Transforming the Mental Health and Addiction System in Canada", at Saint Mary's University. I was truly flattered and humbled by the standing-room-only crowd, and by the many very kind and generous comments people made. I would also like to thank all those who were unable to make it but sent me well-wishes. Thank you to Lindsey MacIntosh (CBU Alumni Association) for being in attendance to support this CBU grad.

This has been a work of passion that has found its way to being published, thanks to the amazing support and guidance of Lisa Pomfrey-Talbot and Cathydia Press. I am so grateful for the generousity of time and words, shown by my guest speakers, Sheldon MacLeod (News 95.7 Radio), Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray (President of Saint Mary's University), Dr. Marc Patry (Chair, Psychology Department at SMU), Dr. Peter Vaughan (Nova Scotia Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness), and my wonderful friend Laurel Walker (mental health advocate).

Special thanks to Dr. Adam Sarty, Danielle Boudreau, and Courtney Merriam, with the Faculty of Science at Saint Mary's University, and Liz Galbraith with the Change Lab Action Research Institute (CLARI), for planning, organizing, and hosting such a wonderful event.

Thanks as well to all the SMU students (my favourite people) who came out. I was hounoured by your support, and what I know to be your interest in changing the world:)

Finally, thanks to my family members who were able to attend. Your presence, and your support through the process, meant more than I can say.