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It’s Not About Us

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“As a pharmacist, I see and hear the frustrations of mental health and addictions clients every day. The unique and innovative approach in this book could serve as a template, not only for this field, but for improving the delivery of many areas of health care in Canada.” Jack Davies, Pharmacist

“In my 32-year career as a registered nurse, I have not seen any approach that is as simple, innovative, and fundamentally important to the mental health and addiction field, as the ideas presented in It’s Not About Us. This is a must-read for all nurses.” Marguerite MacDonald

“Clinicians should not be afraid to adopt this model of service delivery as it will enhance not only their clients’ experience of the service, but enable them to deliver client-centered treatment in the manner for which they were trained.”. Dr. Andrew Ashley-Smith, Psychiatrist

“This piece of work should be a blueprint guide for health change leaders in Canada” Kevin Fraser, RSW, RCC, manager - mental health and addictions

"It's Not About Us is a breath of fresh-air that gives hope to this mental health advocate and consumer. If the system would fully adopt some of the ideas discussed in this book, lives will not only be transformed but saved. A must-read for anyone tired of talk but no real change." Sara Ramsay, mental health system consumer and advocate

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Canadian Psychological Association, Rural & Northern Section

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